Monday, September 8, 2008

Back after very loooong.

M is sucha baddie to not let me blog, life's been boooring.

Flashbacks, I met Preston after like SOOO LOOONG! :D

Yeh that's him NOW.

& this was a few months ago after Preston's obedience class.

Righttttttt.. I won't deny I've grown fatter and bigger.

Er do I look fat?

Are you sure?

It's ogay I know..

All smiles!



My tribute to M<3

Kisses for you M!

M your mirror is dirty yoh.

& I'm off! Toodles :D

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sowwie for the lack of updates o.o M was super lazy & so was I ;p
Out-dated piccaz.
That day when M bought me to Pawtobello!
Taken by Snowy's ma Shanice.

Before going to Pawtobello on the very same day M bought me to Changi Airport Terminal3. But I could only stay up in my bag on the trolley. Check out my grumpy face D:

Welcome Preston to HOOMAN'S LIFE! ;D

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mooooorning ;O

Yesterday M's laopo came over, her name is Sheryl and she also got a doggy named Almond but was told he's grumpy and snappy so didn't bring him over to socialize with me. M was telling me she might want me to mate with Almond but he's like a silky terrier! Later come out become weird babies how o.o

Sheryl is very nice, she let me bite her ;p and she keep hugging me and taking nice piccas of me. Check them out!

She told me she is also a Rainbow, so 2 rainbows here ;D

Oooh unglam!


I wasn't chewing a bone on the bed, I wasn't I wasn't :o

Check out M's and Sheryl's cookies.
So prettaye right?!!
They wouldn't let me even have a teeny weeny crumb D:

M got to know a new friend from SPC last night!
& he's also gona get a schnauzer boy name Preston.
NEW PAW FRIEND! Omg can't wait can't wait ;O

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Morning earthlings! I'm back earlier today, woke up at 9am today to poo as usual(my daily routine). Woke M up by licking her face so she can go get my breakfast *evil woof* Then I disturbed M's mom by constantly rounding her legs while she was ironing the human clothes lol.

They all love to pull my ears *sian face*

Engaging in a fierce battle with milky the bone.

Still engaging.

Childhood rival appeared!
I still rmbed when I used to be his size o.o

You want it, I'll give it to you!


Oh right, I forgot about brother Meme's photos, here you go.

He looks grumpy after taking his medicine.

Right eye went for operation, could see the remains of the scrape membrane but not gona post the pic here it's too gross for my fellow fur pals.

Scars from his battle.

I don't know what the vet did to him but his eyes has been THIS BIG every since he got back home yesterday afternoon, even at night his pupils are equally HUGE. A tad bit scary if you ask me, and he never meowed once o.o just kept quiet the whole time.

As if he wasn't grumpy enough before the operation.

I'm off to nap awhile ;O

Anw M wants me to advertise her blogshop for her.
Do support ty! ;D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did I mention? Brother Meme went to the vet yesterday cus he fought with another cat downstairs and got his "blind" eye's membrane scratched again, yes AGAIN. M's mom was complaining about him, 200moohlah gone for operation to scrape away his membrane.

Luckily he can still see but not so clear now, poor guy D: He have to stay overnight at the vet's which is like so scary to me T.T and he came home earlier just now but have to stay downstairs while I stay upstairs, M says I can't play with brother Meme now cus his eyes are still fresh from the operation and he's wearing this weird funnel thing on his head.

Which kind of looks funny.

I'll post up his picca soon.
Let's wish Meme a speedy recovery.
First of all,
Happy April's Fool!

Morning! Though it's like 11.30am already and M just fed me my breakfast with the usual daily dose of Fish Liver Oil, M says it makes my fur soft and would like to introduce it to every paw-ers out there who long for soft and silky fur. She got the Burp! Fish Liver Oil from PLC at Vivo and it's less than 10moolah for a small bottle. Elvy ma is using it too and it has better effect on Elvy than on me ;o so the results differ.

Uncle from petshop actually recommends human fish liver oil from the Fisherman's brand if M is not wrong. M is going to buy it for me soon, and she says I need vitamins but don't know what to get, any recommendations out there?

Anw M registered me in please do check it out! :D

Check me out with no ears~ o.o

Noooo ears! :o


She made me do it <_<

Then, while I was enjoying the air-con last night on M's new comforter(which I also accidentally pee-ed on it while I was sleeping, had too much of a drink), she did this to me o.o

What's so funny? Woofzzz.

I still slept on..

Don't get me wrong, I'm WELL-TOILET-TRAINED just that occasionally after I get too much of a drink and goes to sleep before I pee, I'll get a wet bed D: M asked Dr. Grace and she says it's normal for puppies to release their bladder when they are asleep phew~ It's still kind of embarrassing though hehe.

Oh yeh I just heard, M is bringing me to Pawtobello this Saturday! & she ranted on something like hope she gets in or something oh wells ;D So excited!

Right, M is going out gotta off the lappy now.
Woofles toodles<3

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sorry for the long hiatus! M's finally back from Shanghai and had me kept in D's house for 9 long days but it was 9 days of fun! I can go where ever I like in D's house with no restrictions and the best part was D always let me bite him =p though I kind of miss M. Whatever it is, I'm back now!

Most of my baby tooth is gone and M collected only 3 whereas I think I prolly swallowed the rest hehe. My fur is growing for doG's sake finally!

Elvy ma came to visit me the other day but without Elvy cus she came directly from work to collect the new dog kibbles M ordered from Doggy Friend, M told me aunty Isabelle is very friendly and she will buy from her again soon. & I got a new toytoy similar to Elvy's!

Though it gets irritating when it suddenly gets stuck to my teeth for nothing, other than that it's quite a nice squeaky toy & M got it for like $1.70!

M got me my new pee tray, Yogi pee tray that is. She keeps complaining how I always aim outwards like as long as I'm on the peepad and I pee/shit it's alright right?... Right? o.o So anyway don't really like the new tray it's like, so hard and edgy.

D & M brought me for my first walk downstairs a few days back, had a hearty walk from M's house to the nearby shopping centre(bpplaza). M got this collar thingy around my neck followed by the leash and she dragged me everywhere she went I HATE IT! I just kept chasing D so I get to pull M instead hehe.

Looking forward to the next walk!

M says I smell, do I? :o
& she ranted on some chlorophyll thingy oh well.

Kisses for M ;D

Will update again soon, I guess.